How Coronavirus is Treated

How Coronavirus is Treated – 5 Best Products To Protect You From Coronavirus.

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” -Thomas Fuller

How Coronavirus is Treated

These days is hard not to have heard about the spread of coronavirus, which is a family for viruses that is responsible of the disease COVID-19. You may have witnessed the spread from China throughout Asia and into European countries like Italy and Spain, and since March 12, there are more than 1,200 cases in over different states in America, including New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, according to CDC data.

The most important thing you need to do is to remain calm as in the last two weeks there has been an extended national coverage from television, newspapers and social media feeds that make you feel like a craziness on the health danger related with COVID-19.

In February of this year, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study conducted in China, which shows that 85% of infected people only undergo mild symptoms similar to the flu, such as fever, cough, and breathing trouble.

We have pulled together the best five products that leading health experts are recommending to prepare your family for potential exposure to coronavirus, influenza, and other viral infections.

Let’s take a look!

1. Hand Soap

Handwashing is the best way to prevent viruses and bacterias. Hand-washing reduces the odds of contracting a respiratory illness, including COVID-19, by 54%.

So what’s the correct way to clean hands?

Experts advise that people wash their hands for a full 20 seconds to clean off bacteria. A great way to track time is to sing “Happy Birthday” while washing your hands.

Don’t forget that washing your hands correctly is better than using hand sanitizer in terms of effectiveness.

Here are our 3 favorite hand soaps:

After a long time of research I’ve found for you the best product that you can get in Amazon, you can click below to get yours.


❖ Liquid Hand Soap.

This hand soap is not antibacterial but according to CDC as long as you wash your hands for 20 seconds it doesn’t matter if you use regular soap. You can buy it for on Amazon.

❖ Dial Antibacterial Liquid hand soap

This soap has shown to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs including coronavirus, Staphylococcus, and E.coli. You can buy a pack of 8 7.5 ounces on Amazon for $144.


❖ Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap.

This foam hand soap kills up to 99.9% of germs. Just keep in mind that the soap is tested on common household germs. You can buy a variety pack of six 33.8 ounces on Amazon for $242.

2. Facial Masks.

virus, protection, coronavirus

There is a wide variety of face masks available in the market and it is hard to know which one to choose. You need to understand that buying a random mask will not protect you from viral infections such as COVID-19.

For example, a regular medical mask is not sufficient to protect you and your family from the new coronavirus when it is used alone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the facial mask you should use, to protect you from contracting COVID-19, is an N95 respirator face mask. The N95 respirator face mask eliminates particles from the air that are breathed through it.

These masks filter out at least 95% of microscopic particles (0.3 microns).  The amazing thing about the N95 respirator face mask is that it can filter out all types of particles, including bacteria and viruses.

Make sure you use N95 respirator face masks, as other masks are loose-fitting and only provide protection against droplets and large respiratory particles. Remember, they do not filter small particles from the air.




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3. Hand Sanitizer.


According to the CDC, you need to buy a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Even if the label says it “kills 99.99%” of illness-causing germs it doesn’t mean it will be effective against the coronavirus.

The Center for Disease Control and  Prevention advises rubbing on hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60% alcohol ONLY when you can’t wash your hands.

It is important to notice that some hand sanitizers are made on benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol as the active ingredient.

The best overall hand sanitizer is Darhoo Hand Soap No-Rinse Hand Sanitizer, as it contains 70% ethyl alcohol and it is 99.99% effective in killings germs and viruses to help protect your hands. 

Another option is Instant Hand Sanitize Gel that contains Aloe that also helps to kill germs with 65% ethyl alcohol and vitamin E to protect your hands.

4. Vitamine C.

orange, orange bahia, fruit

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and it has been connected to amazing health benefits.

It can be found in many fruits and vegetables including oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, broccoli, spinach, and kale.

The recommended daily intake is 75 milligrams for women and 90 milligrams for men.

During this time taking a vitamin C supplement such as Emergen-C IMMUNE+ FORMULA, can help you boost your immunity system.

Another great vitamin C supplement is Naturelo Premium Vitamine, it also contains antioxidants, B vitamins, and electrolytes.

Vitamin C may boost your immune system by assisting white blood cells to function more effectively, by supporting your skin’s defense system and helping the wound heal faster.

People who have pneumonia tend to have lower vitamin C levels and taking a vitamin C supplement to shorten the recovery time.

5. Disinfectant Wipes.


Disinfectant wipes are great for cleaning and fighting bacteria and viruses as they kill 99.99%  of bacteria, including cold, flu, coronavirus, Staph, E.Coli, and Salmonella.

The best way to use these wipes to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases is to clean visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection in households and other settings.

Keep in mind that cleaning and disinfection are different things because cleaning removes germs and disinfectant kills them.

The best overall disinfectant wipes we found are LYSOL Alcohol Wet Wipes  that are available on Amazon.

Final Thoughts.

Without any doubt, the coronavirus is something that should be taken seriously, but it is important to stay calm and avoid panic.

If you have any of the following symptoms please consult your primary doctor as soon as possible:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Short of breathe

Remember, wash your hands as often as you can, with soap and water if it is possible, and alcohol-based sanitizer if it is not. And try your best not to touch your face and don’t forget to disinfect your phone.

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