Pack Hamam(Argan Black Soap+Exfoliating Glove)

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The benefit of Black soap – Does not strip your skin of its Natural Oils or disrupt your skin’s Microbiome Prepares the skin for Gentle Exfoliation Instead of using a harsh scrub on your skin Contains Natural ingredients and No Harsh Fragrance Maintains healthy PH Balance in the skin.

Apply the black soap, then keep it for 10 to 20 min then rinse it, and scrab it with the Exfoliating Glove.

This procedure will take out all the dirt, and will help your skin get better.

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  • Tired of dry, itchy, patchy, aging skin? Moroccan Black Soap is your savior.
  • Luxuriously soft soap for silky, smooth skin – Arabian Amber Musk with added Argan Oil
  • 100% pure, natural and traditional – Easy to use wide mouth top
  • Olive Oil base, high in nutrients, naturally exfoliates and removes free radicals and toxins


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