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Facial serum with Argan

A powerful multi-tasking treatment 5 oil Formulated with pure argan oil.

Red Clay

It is extremely high in iron and effective for a skin detox.

Cosmetic Argan Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Perfect for nourishing and renewing skin and hair.

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Customers Reviews

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this wonderful esthetician and can’t believe we’re so lucky to have her in our tiny little northern town! Fresh from 5-star luxury spas in Morocco, she is the most knowledgeable facial esthetician I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. I swear, after just one peel by her, my hyperpigmentation seems diminished and my skin looks and feels like it’s been given a luxurious holiday instead of punished. A major proponent of natural skin care vs. chemical, she has even created a product line to bring home with you (including “prickly pear” from Morocco). THANK YOU ANNA!

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I had the best facial of my life! I couldn't believe the price and the results of the treatment compared to other places I have gone. My skin is noticeably clearer and my pores smaller. I purchased the facial serum, the argan oil and a clay powder for dry skin and its changed my life. I dont think I will ever buy a different product for my face and hair again. Love her!
Wow, what an amazing experience! Never in my life has my skin looked this good. Anna is knowledgeable and very professional in her state of the art beauty spa. We are a lucky town to have her!

Deal Of The Day 25% Off On Your First Purchase in All Products!

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Anna today (and her gorgeous girls)! She made suggestions for products and services that would benefit my skin and then all I had to do was lay down and relax! My skin feels ah-mazing and I’m looking forward to my next visit... thank you! 🥰

Tanner Is a Regular Guest

Great experience once again. Thanks for being so patient and good at everything you do Anna ! I recommend you to all of my friends.

Our Contribution

Our raw ingredients are harvested exclusively in Morocco, and we only work with women cooperatives to answer our demand.

The cooperatives we work with were established and made up mostly by women who were attending a literacy class back then. Years later, it has grown into this huge cooperatives whose sole purpose is to provide a livelihood for local Berbers so the women will also be able to support their family financially.

It is a huge change from the usually male-dominated Berber culture and community. The women do everything by hand especially when it comes to Argan oil – from collecting the raw materials to the transporting and to the pressing. They are also given free reins to the administration of the cooperative.

With the money they earn, these women are able to send their kids to school. It also empowered them in such a way that they are no longer financially dependent to their husband.  Additionally, these women are also given the opportunity to educate themselves – having literacy centers put up that they can attend.

These women now also have access to health care training where they can learn the various ways to enter the health care field. This gives them so many options when it comes to a potential career or a new line of work. It’s a far cry from the usual cleaning jobs they are offered when they go to the city.

The empowerment doesn’t just end there. Once shy and reserved, Moroccan and Berber women have begun coming out of their shells. They have gained the confidence they need to interact with various people. Many women have confessed to gaining a feeling of self-worth. Their newfound position in their community has given them a sense of well-being that cannot be easily taken away.

berber women

Working with these women may have been a lifesaver not just for women who are in dire need of a skin or hair boost but also for the local Berber and Moroccan women who mine them.

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